Your safety is our No.1 priority. We have stepped up precautionary measures which coincide with the guidelines as set out by the Government.

  • Customers will be greeted by a host upon arrival, who will show you to your reserved seats and explain how to order food & drinks.
  • All customers must wear face masks. It is now mandatory for customers to please wear your face mask when entering/exiting the building, and if moving between your table to/from the toilet. Only when at your table, can you remove your face mask.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are located at all entry and exit points and toilets.
  • All bookings must order food or drinks at their table either via the app or table service is available but only when necessary. (Customers will not be served at the bar).
  • All sitting are for a maximum of 105 minutes.
  • We allow 15 minutes for all surfaces & sanitised cleaning to be carried out by our crew after each sitting.
  • We operate a drinks takeaway service for all our customers, this is an option on our App and there is also a QR code at our front entrance for customers to scan and collect drinks.
  • Please practice social distancing with your friends. Be mindful of staff or other customers, and stay within your own table/area.
  • Bookings of no more than 6 people per table are allowed.
  • Toilets are a one in one out system.
  • All customers must have left the premises by 11.30pm.
Please note that these protocols are reviewed by management and updated as frequently as possible. These protocols and precautions correspond to the latest guidelines set out by the Government.
Thank you for your cooperation, Gradys Crew.

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